KT-384, KT-160, KT-160A, KT-150, KT-140 battery problems:

Batteries in KT series cameras charging without having to remove them from the camera – just plug in the AC adapter to the camera and turn off the camera. If the battery is completely discharged (for example, after a long period of inactivity), and every 5 charges (in order to extend their life – because of the series connection of the camera) it is recommended to carry out an external charger, charging each cell independently.

New batteries should be three-fold completely discharged, then charged in an external charger to form – it also provides the increased viability (after recharging can take place at any time).
If the camera is to be unused long time, it is recommended that every few weeks recharge the batteries. When not using the camera, batteries should be removed from the camera.

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