LKZ-700 – Routing of a cable when only one end is available

When the cable is not damaged and the circuit is live, use the magnetic field method (receiver and transmitter in “M” or “I” mode). Then connect one transmitter conductor to the phase conductor and the second to the PE cable in the farthest location (PE cable in another room, earthing, grounded metal pipe for the heating system …). The receiver detects a signal in places where the cable is located.

In an undamaged circuit without voltage, connect the transmitter conductor to N wire, while the second to another, distant earthing, and select the current-voltage mode (transmitter in the “E + M” or “U + I” mode and the receiver in the “M” or “I” mode).

It is possible to connect both transmitter conductors to N and L conductors of one socket, but remember that signals flowing through L and N (depending on the arrangement of conductors) will more or less reduce each other, and the signal level indicated by the receiver may vary, misleading operators inexperienced in locating wires.

In case of damaged conductors in the cable see LKZ-700 – routing of a cable with a broken conductor.

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