MIC-5000: Is there an option for PI (Polarization Indicator) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) measurements?


The time after which the measurements are taken may be set from 1 sec. to 600 sec., so when you set t1=60 sec. and t2=600 sec., insulation resistance values measured after these times will be recorded and displayed along with PI value (i.e. the calculated ratio of resistance after 10 minutes to the resistance measured after one minute).

If you set 30 and 60 seconds, Dielectric Absorption Ratio will be calculated.

If you set three intervals (30, 60, 600 seconds) the device will measure both coefficients.
Note – the meter does not display PI, DAR symbols – Ab1 (for calculations after t2, t1) or Ab2 (after t3, t2) are displayed.

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