Catalog index: WMXXLKZ1500

Wires and pipe locator

The LKZ-1500 set for underground utility localization, consisting
of a transmitter and receiver, allows you to locate, identify and track the route of buried objects in the ground, such as:

  • power and control cables, data and armoured telecommunications cables,
  • underground lighting and cathodic protection systems,
  • water and sewage installations,
  • fuel and transmission installations: gas and other pipelines,
  • heating systems and preinsulated pipes.

Recipients (customers) of LKZ-1500 include energy and installation companies, earthworks, construction, railways, telecommunications, fixtures, water and sanitary installations, district heating companies and geodetic offices.

Locator functions:

  • determine the direction of cable placement, position of the cable relative to the receiver axis (has a compass function),
  • determine the current and residual depth of the cable, both
  • in active mode (with transmitter) and in passive mode (without transmitter),
  • save the route of placing an object on the map.
  • Memory up to 4GB,
  • possibility of finding damaged cable locations.

The device, with any GPS module and dedicated program (LKZ Terminal), that is provided with the set, will allow you to plot the route of the underground object and mark the location of single measurement positions on the map. Communication of the LKZ with an in-built GPS module is through the Bluetooth or Bluetooth USB adapter


  • transmitter power: max. 10W (available: 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W),
  • direct, induction, clamp. internal transmitter antenna coupling,
  • continuous or interval mode of operation that extends battery life
  • case housing, segment display,
  • operating temperature range from -30°C to + 55°C,
  • dimensions: 275x250x180 [mm].


  • operating in a wide frequency range:
  • passive mode (25Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 300 Hz, 491 Hz, 512 Hz,
    526 Hz, 550 Hz, 982 Hz, 1450 Hz, 2000 Hz, 2048 Hz,
    8440 Hz, 9820 Hz, 10kHz, 48 kHz, 54 kHz, 61 kHz, 66
  • SB (1036 Hz, 1048 kHz),
  • radio (1056 Hz, 1064 Hz),
  • active mode (273 Hz, 1024 Hz, 8928 Hz, 33 kHz),
  • cable earth fault detection (frame A or DKI probe),
  • power supply from the removable battery (6 LR6 AA),
  • graphic display of the position, depth of the object, and direction of current,
  • location depth up to 10 m +/- 0,1 m
  • dimensions: 700x300x140 [mm],
  • operating temperature range from -20°C to + 55°C.

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